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    I've got a few mailboxes setup on BIS for my Curve 9320, but a couple of weeks back my main account randomly stopped using IMAP-IDLE, defaulted to standard 15/3minute POP3 polling intervals. It's a domain-hosted account, and I've not been able to verify any issues with them (I have issues with their support), but....

    I've setup a test mailbox on the same mail server and set it from scratch on BIS, IMAP-IDLE works and delivery is "near-instant". I have setup the same mailbox as a new account on BIS (different "Name" but pertinent settings identical) and it delivers near-instant before I wiped it clean. Therefore.. the issue is that this particular BIS account has lost IMAP-IDLE.

    The easy answer would be to delete this account and recreate it, but...

    1: I have a lot of filters cofigured (mainly anti-spam but quite a few "normal" ones), which would be a few hours' work to recreate (having manually recorded each one)
    2: Loss of IMAP-IDLE occurred outside my control, between BIS & the mailbox, so it should just need "kicking" from BIS side, surely?!

    I've already tried tweaking the settings for the offending account, toggling IMAP-SSL on/off to "refresh", all without any joy. Support, as I understand it, is unofficial and very informal (Twitter great for simple things) via BB, or formal via my carrier (Orange UK). Of course, getting to the correct tech level within OUK without losing a lot of patience and time in the process, far easier said than done.

    In the vain hope that someone else has had similar experiences... from a happy user of an otherwise rock-solid Curve/BIS setup...
    03-11-14 05:43 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Can anyone help here?
    03-12-14 01:34 PM

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