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    My carrier claims 99% of Belgium is 3G covered by there network so i go to there website because they have a webapp that displays the 3G (and 2G) coverage if you enter your address.This app displays 2G coverage as "excellent" but 3G coverage as "weak".Contacted my carrier customer support about this and a verry helpfull nice lady answered me "the 3G coverage in your area should be excellent" still i cannot select the carrier 3G network.When i set it to manually search for availible networks i do see the 3G network but when i try to select it my blackberry either displays an error message (the network cannot be set) or it succeeds but my blackberry displays the letters "sos" (in red) in the upper right corner.So i'm wondering do i belong to the %1 3G uncovered area or is my carrier lieng about there coverage something which i doubt as the customer support lady did everything she could.She is sending me a new sim because i mentioned the one i use is verry old could that be the problem ?????? i just want to get rid of "edge" it is way to slow.

    I can't select my carrier 3G network-mobiele_netwerken.jpg
    11-03-12 03:50 AM
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    Received a new simcard copied all my stuff over but the problem remains no 3G .The curve 9320 supports 3G (accordfing to the manual) but ......
    11-05-12 01:54 PM
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    I feel your pain,

    I have a similar problem, I recently purchased my BB9320 in the UK and it was reading 3G fine during my stay, now I'm back in the Caribbean (Antigua) and I select 3G the cell refuses to even find the network, when its on "2G & 3G" it finds the network but only reads "EDGE". I took it into Digicel and the tech dude said he tried all he could with no success, when he places my sim in other phones it reads 3G and 4G just okay, but only sees "EDGE" in my cell and will not even find the network if the 3G option is selected. If any of you BB guru's can lend some of your expertise its would be deeply appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Stuck on EDGE in the caribbean

    - EDIT -

    Here's some more info.....I just did a diagnostic test to find avaliable networks, and the cell is only seeing 2G, 2G H and 2G X, so its final for some strange reason my cell cannot see anything above 2G........major bomber
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    11-06-12 01:14 PM
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    My carrier technical service says the 3G is to weak and i won't be able to use 3G but my phone does recognize 3G networks.I'm stuck on EDGE and it's damn slow
    11-07-12 03:58 PM

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