1. bbuserbe's Avatar

    Every time i open "blackberry desktop software" and run the updatechecker (for the os not for updates to bb desktop software) it always says there are no updates availible.Only after i checked a website i found through google and downloaded (and installed) an updated blackberry desktop software displays "update availible" so the "update checker" is useless or is it my carrier ?.Every time i use appworld there is a wrong carrier name under "device info" at the right column.I'm also subscrided to be notified about updates but didn't receive anything.....

    anyway this blackberry newbie successfully updated the os but i wonder if i did something wrong as i didn't get notified.What should i do call my carrier ?
    10-25-12 06:06 AM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    Official OS updates often lag far behind what may be available. For most of us tracking on CB and other sites is a far better way of staying up to date than is relying on a carrier. You did good.
    10-25-12 06:15 AM
  3. bbnsol's Avatar
    Yeah, when I got my first Blackberry it used to stress me out that my carrier (O2) never released updates for my device and I seemed to be way behind other people.

    Desktop manager almost never informs me of newer versions of the OS so I just check this site and make sure I've got the latest and greatest.

    Well done for sorting it out yourself.
    10-25-12 08:38 AM
  4. Rolandh's Avatar
    I just got a Curve 9320 today from Phones 4 U as they are cheaper than going via a Carrier and are Sim Free even though they come with a Sim of youe prior to r choice, hooked it up to DM for the first time and got an OS Update Notification.

    Didn't even know there was an OS Update prior to purchase as I've been away from the Blackberry scene since last Feb so not been on here to check.

    Sim Free seems to be the way to go if you want prompt Updates.

    12-10-12 02:17 PM

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