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    It is not widely known but there are two versions of BB9320: SKU1 and SKU2. The difference between the two is in UMTS frequency bands support. As a result some carriers require SKU1 and some SKU2. More details can be found here:



    1) Anyone shopping around for a replacement device on Amazon, Ebay, etc. please keep it in mind. I have noticed that many resellers do not provide any information whether the device offered for sale supports UMTS bands 1, 2, 5, 6 (SKU1) or 1, 4, 8 (SKU2). Some resellers even provide the wrong information. You can check the bands supported by your carrier on FrequencyCheck website mentioned above:


    2) The only foolproof method I am aware of to determine whether the device is SKU1 or SKU2 is to run IMEI compatibility test on the carrier's "bring your own device" or "switching devices" web page. Is there any other way to do it, maybe by looking at MPN/PRD or UPC number often provided by resellers?

    3) Does this affect the OS choice? The latest OS version for BB9320 listed in the sticky section is Is it going to work with both SKU1 and SKU2 devices? It was designed for O2_UK and their UMTS bands are B1 and B8, which indicates SKU2 devices. Is it a good idea to install this OS on a SKU1 device used on Bell Canada network (bands B2 and B5)?

    O2 UK:


    Bell Wireless (Canada):

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    Is it a good idea to install this OS on a SKU1 device used on Bell Canada network (bands B2 and B5)?
    The OS is irrelevant. Install whatever OS you want as long as it was meant for the 9320, it'll have no affect on the network bands.
    04-14-19 12:21 PM

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