1. anthonysjones's Avatar
    Hi All,

    My company has purchased ten blackberry 9320s from various suppliers over the past 2-3 months. These are all unlocked mobiles with Vodafone SIM cards. I work on the I.T. helpdesk for my employer and over the past few months the majority of people with the 9320s have rang me to complain about the same problem.

    Whenever a BB 9320 owner is in a call the person on the other end will hear their own voice repeated back to them down the line similar to an echo. Only the person on the other end has the issue not the BB owner. This makes the call next to useless, quite often clients will ring back on the landline.

    Turning the volume down helps unfortunately the echo is still very noticeable, the issue also completely disappears while using hands free equipment in the car. I can only conclude this is microphone/speaker sensitivity issue.

    We have a BESX server from which I have re-sent service books, deleted and re-created accounts, wiped and restored devices and even returned one device to the retailer for a replacement. Nothing worked. Im running the latest Firmware - r7.1.0_rel2039_PL9.49.0.76_A7.1.0.714.

    Are we the only people experiencing this? Its become a major headache and would really appreciate any assistance.

    Thank you everyone!!!!

    11-08-12 10:47 AM
  2. kshitiz11's Avatar
    follow the steps ahead
    go in network and connection->mobile network->switch the network selection mode to manual and then manually select your carrier and then reboot your phone
    it worked for me

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    11-09-12 02:27 PM
  3. arasu hippo's Avatar

    Arasu here from india

    i have mobile problemm voice echo...what they talking same repating to my friend

    please give solution
    12-04-12 11:39 AM
  4. kshitiz11's Avatar
    already given
    follow the steps in previous comment it will probably help you

    wrked in my case!

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    12-15-12 03:31 PM

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