1. Iwantmypicturesplease's Avatar
    I have a blackberry curve 9320 that is missing a battery and hasn't been used for 3 years when the battery warped and died. The problem is that this was my camera from when my daughter was born and i'd love to access the pictures. When I plug it in via USB cord the light in the top right goes red but the device isn't recognised by the computer. ( a Samsung laptop running windows or my Microsoft surface pro) So, how do I get these pictures? I cant find a device driver that will mean I can access them as they are too new and for different models. or do I need to buy an new battery? but I don't see how that will help et them to my computer? thank you so much!
    02-11-18 10:45 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Think it has to have a battery to fully power on (it's been a long time).

    That would be the first step.
    02-12-18 07:39 AM
  3. Gajja's Avatar
    If they are stored on the microSD memory card in the device then you may be able to take it out and read it using your PC / laptop if you didn't encrypt the microSD card anyway. Or the device has bluetooth right? You could get it powered up somehow (by getting a good battery?) and have it on airplane mode then turn on just bluetooth and bluetooth your photos onto another device (will take ages but it should work).
    02-12-18 07:39 AM

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