1. sheena.lee's Avatar
    DM for Mac says it backs up 3rd party apps and themes but it doesn't and when DM failed and I had to reload my OS I lost EVERYTHING. Blah.

    After spending $15 on themes last night and being the broke student I am, that's a lot of grocery money ;D ... I'm not happy with anything I've found.

    I used to have Neu, which I downloaded again and it's not the same at all.. I want something similar to it, something sleek with nice monotone icons that will go with any background I choose. Something with simple icons for the new message, sms, etc (the new Neu has chunky yellow envelopes, ew.)

    - Small simple monotone icons
    - Customizable homepage icons
    - New message/sms/voicemail and folder icons that match the theme
    - Small text for messages screens

    That's really all.. I'm willing to pay up to like $15 for it. If you know of something that's kind of like what I want, or want to make it, let me know!

    03-21-10 07:06 PM
  2. antonskraze's Avatar
    dont think this is exactly what you want, but ill just throw this out there for you to look at Antonskraze Blackberry Themes Blog Archive ‘Min’ in Blacknblue 8900
    03-22-10 11:31 PM
  3. back2iphone's Avatar
    Dude You're Amazing! I've been using Neu also and so far it's the only Theme I really Like (for the same reasons as the Poster of this Thread). Doesn't have as many Bottom Icons as Neu but this is definitely the next best thing! If We had more Theme Designers like You the Blackberry would be a much sexier device!
    07-27-10 02:25 PM