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    I have a request for a Pittsburgh Penguins Champ Theme.... ive been looking everywhere for the past 3 months : ( ..I been to many sites and the only thing i got was viruses(Detroit Fans) lol just kidding....Detroit is a great Hockey town with a great team.... but anyhow I also did a google search but sadly No Penguins Theme For the 8900...I wouldnt even care to pay for this theme..Im a die hard fan here...so if anyone could please help me out Id be forever thankful
    07-12-09 02:06 PM
  2. BlackberryRobP's Avatar
    I apologize to anyone who is Irritated by me posting a request post ...it has come to my attention that people dont like them...and i understand that the work in creating a theme takes time and patience
    and im very thankful for those who share there work with us.... but after months and months of looking and not finding anything at all .... kinda was upsetting ...so i apologize...but like I said above that im willing to even pay for your time... I know alot of people like myself been looking for this theme...and ive noticed that a few themes are out there but none that are compatible with 8900...so this is my first and only request... Im trying to avoid downloading the theme maker and the headaches and tons of tylenol it takes to create a theme.. thanks and again sorry for adding to the long list of request ..
    07-12-09 03:27 PM
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    Ur theme request isn't soo off the wall. Its a legit request and hopefully someone can take on ur request.

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    07-12-09 10:40 PM