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    Hi Guys,

    So I upgraded from the 8900 to the 9700 on T-Mobile UK and am very pleased with the device. Mian advantages being the trackpad and 3G. Although my trackpad does tilt to one side at times but it aint an issue for me as this does not effect the overall use of the trackpad.

    When I had my 8900 I downloaded an amazing Today theme which I was using however I would like a small change to this if possible.

    Ive attached the theme I would like with minor changes.

    - 7 icons on the homescreen as opposed to 6. I have seen the 7 icon theme and and its perfect.

    - Id like the calender and messages text to be in white and not yellow.

    Id like the messages to have 3 lines and the calender to have 3 lines. I also like to keep the application name available and in a small font.
    If this is not possible then I would like 3 lines for messages and 2 lines for calender.

    I would like to keep the top screen unchanged and how it is default.

    And finally, again if possible I would like to change the background when you hit the menu key to something similar to the PS3 homescreen. e.g. Black screen with a red wave going across in the middle.. Actually can this be done for all the screens including when you receive calls etc??? Ive added an image of what I mean. I like the top pic better.

    Am willing to pay to whoever can do this for me.


    Many thanks
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    very easy to do even for the n00b theme maker. Im sure someone is down to do this for u.. gooodluck
    11-16-09 09:32 AM
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    To make things a little easier for communication. If interested in helping me out heres my Pin.

    11-16-09 10:06 AM