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    Hi all,
    I keep saying that I am going to learn composer and do this myself, but I just never get round to it.
    As such, I thought I would ask if anyone is able to do it for me and make a few bucks at the same time.

    I would really like a slick theme that shows off the wallpaper, something like the ClearView or Pure.Systeme themes.
    I only want 3 tabs along the bottom of the screen, Messages (combined message inbox), Calendar and call log.
    All 3 tabs must be linked to a hidden today area above that uses most of the screen to show items.
    I would like at least 10 items to be shown in the hidden today.

    I would also like a bar at the top to show the date, time, battery, signal etc...
    I would like the signal meter to be clickable and bring up the manage connections screen, and the clock to be clickable and bring up the clock.

    To be honest, clearview is the perfect theme but it doesn't have a hidden today area.
    I know this is a lot to ask and so I am more than happy to pay for your effort.

    Cheers for looking.

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    11-25-09 06:41 AM
  2. Slvrbck's Avatar
    Forgot a couple of things lol....
    I would like a profile button on one of the bars, obviously small enough to fit and still look good, but I would also like the button to change when I change my profile.
    Doesn't matter if it's text or an image really.
    11-25-09 08:33 AM
  3. ThorstenD's Avatar

    I want to pay for clearview with hidden today function, too!

    12-13-09 10:48 PM