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    I was wondering if anyone could make me a theme for my 8900 (5.0 OS) like this picture?


    I want it pretty much EXACTLY like this. I'd LOVE to have such a large flip clock like that. But I think the other clock on the top bar of the screen seems a little pointless to me, so I'd just like the battery meter showing and my signal strength.

    I'd like the first slot in the main screen to be for my weather app and I'd like that to be positioned where it is on the picture please?

    Now for the bottom.. I actually don't want any icons, nothing hidden, no nothing basically. Just a shortcut key for Quick launch (space bar) and a shortcut key for profiles.. But other than that, I don't want anything else on the bottom dock. I don't want anything to open up to the main screen either. Just using the menu button on the phone will be fine. The main screen, I'd just like it to be black or the default wallpaper that comes with the 8900. And for the home screen to be any color, with any wallpaper.

    As for notifications, Idk how you'd do them, or where you'd place them, but I suppose I can leave that up to you.

    So, I really hope this is possible.. I've been asking around and no ones either got back to me, or they don't do this type of them.

    And also, I am willing to make a donation.

    I hope this is enough information..
    Thank you.
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    Link won't work because you copied a shortcut version with the ....s in it

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    10-02-10 06:49 PM
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    Oh, sorry.. I didn't notice it was the short version, I'll fix it now.
    10-02-10 06:52 PM
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    From your computer, just do an advanced search, select "Blackberry Themes" and type "HTC" as your descriptor, and you will get plenty of results.

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    Yes, I know that. And I've had a few HTC themes already. But I SPECIFICALLY want this one. Which is whyyy, I'm asking for it to be custom made, to exactly how I want it.
    10-02-10 09:23 PM