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    A clean theme that is fully optimized for quick navigation from your home screen,
    The storm version has 6 user definable icons with 4 dedicated icons that launch menus with 4-5 other dedicated slots with all the important tools that keep you moving at a fast pace.
    The 97xx,96xx.89xx has 8 user definable icons along with the same dedicated spots as listed above

    The 1st dedicated icon is the media center which launches:
    * Music
    * Video
    * Pictures
    * Camera
    * Voice notes

    The 2nd dedicated icon is the app center which launches
    * Memo pad
    * Calculator
    * Files
    * Search

    The 3rd dedicated icon is the messaging center which contains :
    * Blackberry messenger
    * Sms/Mms
    * Messages
    * Contacts

    And the 4th dedicated icon is the customization center which launches:
    * App world
    * Options
    * Manage Connections
    * Profiles



    * Custom wallpapers
    * Both user definable and dedicated icons
    * Custom icons
    * Will not lag your phone


    * 97xx 5.0
    * 96x 4.7/5.0
    * 89xx 5.0
    06-11-10 08:50 PM
  2. o1jellybean's Avatar
    looks nice i will try it
    06-11-10 11:12 PM
  3. 2Tx1503's Avatar
    i like the idea of the "centers" where everything related is in the same area... i designed a theme similar to this for the storm kudos haha
    06-12-10 12:28 AM