01-31-11 01:21 AM
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  1. keto27's Avatar
    OS5 Theme, Space = QL, 0 = Profiles, $ = SMS/MMS (Thanks to dannieloco!)

    OTA Wallpaper Version: http://woelv.blakeberry.net/Six!/Six...e_Six__2_0.jad

    OTA Hidden Today: http://woelv.blakeberry.net/Six!/Six...Six__2_0_T.jad

    OTA without Today: http://woelv.blakeberry.net/Six!/Six...ix__2_0_NT.jad

    OTA Weather: http://woelv.blakeberry.net/Six!/Six..._0_Weather.jad

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    08-03-10 06:06 AM
  2. elwea's Avatar
    so far this is the best theme OS6 good job
    08-03-10 08:08 AM
  3. tuna2310's Avatar
    Great theme dude! I love this Thank you so much \m/

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    08-03-10 09:00 AM
  4. indie_user's Avatar
    very nice
    08-03-10 09:05 AM
  5. VS7's Avatar
    There are large font in my message apps. It's not the default font size. Could you make a version without changing the font at all.

    Just the icons only. Thanks alot!
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    08-03-10 09:22 AM
  6. Jay24's Avatar
    Can you also do a non hidden today one also.
    08-03-10 09:44 AM
  7. keto27's Avatar
    i just added a non-today version, but wont make any further basic changes, sorry. tell me about bugs though.

    thanks by the way, glad you obviously like it as much as i do
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    08-03-10 10:25 AM
  8. jpyounis1's Avatar
    Love it man. Exactly what I was looking for. Non today os6 zen. Thanks a ton! Works great on my bold

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    08-03-10 06:00 PM
  9. keto27's Avatar
    you are welcome!

    added a more wallpaper friendy version, with homescreen banner and icon tab at same transparency. icon text is removed for better visibility. i used a 9800 wallpaper for homescreen and lock screen.
    08-04-10 12:02 AM
  10. smanzor88's Avatar
    very clean setup love it ! only thing i did notice is the sms/mms inbox font and menu font, only because the other guy mentioned it ahha no big deal though! love it thanks for the theme
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    08-04-10 01:24 AM
  11. keto27's Avatar
    could you please post/send me a screenshot? everything looks as usual on my phone.
    08-04-10 01:51 AM
  12. elwea's Avatar
    here the screenshot the font are to large

    08-04-10 09:00 AM
  13. theninjew's Avatar
    When you bring up the full menu the alarm clock icon on top is on top of the am or pm word I found this in the wallpaper version

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    08-04-10 09:28 AM
  14. keto27's Avatar
    alright. i updated all versions. they are rebuilt from the start, so there are no odd text sizes now and all the icons are where they are supposed to be. i hope
    08-05-10 12:37 AM
  15. smanzor88's Avatar
    Just checked out the updated version! The font is back to normal, all is well

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    08-05-10 01:59 AM
  16. UnicyclistRobe's Avatar
    Brilliant! This is by far the best OS6 theme I have seen. Great Job.
    08-05-10 08:38 AM
  17. John Yester's Avatar
    Sound profile icon does not focus. No highlight.
    08-05-10 08:41 AM
  18. barrist's Avatar
    said it in the 9700 thread, but if you'd take a donation for custom changes

    i'd love this with 8 icon dock, weather slot and transitions
    08-05-10 08:42 AM
  19. keto27's Avatar
    @UnicyclistRobe: thanks

    @yester18: the color of the profile symbol (e.g. zzZ for "quiet") changes.

    @barrist: dunno. i basically provide my own themes the way i like them..
    08-05-10 09:42 AM
  20. swishhh's Avatar
    This is awesome. Very clean and functional. Great job and thanks for sharing

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    08-05-10 03:11 PM
  21. adnankhan's Avatar
    Excellent. Please add weather one to it..
    08-05-10 06:53 PM
  22. pApAsBoi's Avatar
    after i downloaded it, i can't seem to find it under my theme list.
    08-05-10 09:24 PM
  23. keto27's Avatar
    strange. what version and device? (edit: you seemingly have this issue with different themes, must be your device somehow)
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    08-05-10 11:11 PM
  24. keto27's Avatar
    weather version added!
    08-06-10 08:03 AM
  25. elwea's Avatar
    the weather vercion when u put over a icon on home screen the name of the app dont appear can u fix it? thanks
    08-06-10 08:33 AM
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