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    I have a very simple (I think) request.

    I'm not big on these themes that are complete overhauls or anything, I like my themes simple and clean.

    I am looking for a simple theme with the only big thing is having a Hidden Dock.

    I have been trying for like a week to create a theme but apparently I'm an ***** and can't figure anything out.

    The whole today thing isn't huge for me, it's nice but not a big deal.

    I would also encourage mini icons but once again not huge.

    Now I know that most developers don't like to make custom themes for random people since they will never use the theme themselves but for this theme I encourage whoever is willing to make this request to make it to your liking just with a hidden dock. Also, no girly colors, when I searched for hidden dock themes, most of them were created by girls, for girls.

    I know someone is going to link me an already made theme but trust me when I say that I have searched the forums and I currently use the Vizion by Z2A theme and I love it but the home screen lags when changing icons so its kind of annoying.

    FYI. This theme, if someone makes it, No need for special icons(unless you want them), no need for today(unless you want it), don't care about the background image as I always change it to a pic of my fiance, hence the request for a hidden dock.

    Thanks in advance!
    08-01-09 08:30 AM