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    So the other day I had the phone unlocked in my pocket and somehow I changed some settings so that FR appeared in the upper right corner while typing. Some how I set it to french so I went into options and switched it back to english for spell check. Now everytime I type anything it shows EN in top right corner. Its not a big deal but pretty annoying.

    Anyone have this happen and know how to make it go away like before?

    Edit. It appears I posted in the wrong forum and this was the themes for 8900 and not the regular 8900 forum

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    08-21-09 05:36 AM
  2. mrtolles's Avatar
    You are correct, wrong forum. But there is no way to get ride of the EN with out doing a wipe. You can search the 8900 forums for instructions.
    08-21-09 09:32 AM