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    Yes, reflecting OS7 icons and reflecting Third Party icons on your home screen! You will be amazed by the realism of the animated bouncing reflection of all home screen icons. All icon reflections are hand coded to produce the best quality animation with NO lag.

    *Note* the reflecting BeWeather iconset is not included in the theme, it is a free separate download created by my good friend Bruce aka (Ba Hamilton).

    If you follow this link below from your BlackBerry it will load directly to your BeWeather app.


    *Non Touch Device Versions*
    Ten icons at the bottom are customizable. (slots 1 thru 10)
    Five icons scroll at a time.
    Use plus, (alt +) and minus, (alt -) to show and hide the Icon Dock.
    Use parentheses, (alt () and (alt )) to show and hide a transparent BeWeather Background.
    Scroll to the arrows at the top to show or hide Today Screen.
    Today Screen ONLY shows Messages and Calendar events.

    ($) = SMS
    (j) = Manage Connections
    (r) = Clock

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    Excellent theme, flows smoothly with TWO hidden scrolling docks and hidden Today.

    Yahoo Mirror BW skin by B A Hamilton created special for this theme.

    05-15-11 10:14 AM
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    05-16-11 07:38 PM
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    The OP has been updated with the official download link, sorry for the delay.

    Thank you Andy for taking care of it while I was away
    05-17-11 06:46 AM
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    05-17-11 09:13 AM
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    A good read from our friends at BBE.

    BBE Reflection Review
    05-18-11 07:11 AM
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    love that wallpaper...
    06-12-11 11:19 AM
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    Nice review...

    Check this out
    06-12-11 05:53 PM
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    Still live...lol
    07-10-11 04:50 AM