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    What can I say about TiltBerry. First off, all new iPhone style icons is grace the screen. At first they are on angle, and once highlighted they turn straight to attention! Throughout the whole theme you view the custom banners and icons! All of them look great! Once a message appears you will see a gorgeous blue star appear! I bet you will stare at your screen waiting for the TiltBerry themes star notifier! All menus are custom with some opacity to them. As usual TiltBerry is wall paper friendly TiltBerry is available for 96xx Tour, 9000 Bold, 8900 Curve and the 9700 Bold. All devices have a 7 icon bottom and side dock with a weather slot in the top right corner. You have 2 icons on the left side of the screen, with 5 along the bottom. All versions have a hidden today. TiltBerry looks awesome on all devices and of course tested to make sure all bugs and issues are worked out! Download now at the links below! Enjoy!


    - Brand new banner
    - All new icons
    - Hidden today
    - Weather slot
    - Great looking wallpaper, which can be changed by the user
    - New battery icon and signal icon
    - Keyboard shortcut for quick launch, pressing space bar will launch

    Download Link:

    Click Here to download for your device today!

    02-22-10 07:51 PM