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    Theme name: ReadyBlueBB & ReadyPinkBB
    Theme author: Miguel (BB-Freaks)
    Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 8900 (4.6/5.0), 9000 (4.6/5.0), 9530 (5.0), 9630 (4.7,5.0), 9650/9700 (5.0).

    BB-Freaks is giving 5 free copies of both themes.

    For the guys (ReadyBlueBB) just use coupon code: 5RDBLE
    For the ladies (ReadyPinkBB) just use coupon code: 5RDPNK

    ReadyBB is a tHeme designed by BB-Freaks for BlackBerry 8900,9000,9630,9650,9700 & STORM Series.

    The theme is a mix of style and functionality, the homescreen features a customizable weather slot and hidden docks that you can show pressing the Spacebar key & hide pressing the Spacekey. The docks features a hidden today and two 4 icons docks on the sides.

    The theme is fully customizable that means that you can change the wallpaper for your favorite one, the 8 icons are customizable according to the menu order, the menu fonts are customizable too.

    This theme is available in a couple different colors and all this in less than 1,2mb.

    - Wallpaper friendly.
    - 3d icons.
    - Hidden dock.
    - 1 Weather Slot.
    - 1 Hidden today.
    - 8 Hidden customizable icons.
    - Less than 1,2mb.

    Price: $1.99 until 15 Nov
    Regular Price: $4.99

    GET ReadyBlueBB!!

    GET ReadyPinkBB!!

    10-29-10 06:46 AM