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    Some may know that Pooter PRO (1) is a free theme release that made you enjoy various shortcuts for 3rd party apps on the homescreen. Although visually stunning customization wasn't too present. In comes Pooter PRO 2 with 12 customizable icons and a "weather widget" that you can turn on and off. Refined shortcut screens on the homescreen make this theme even more unique that Pooter PRO the first time around. Embracing the new default OEM icons Pooter PRO 2 is so delicious you want to take a bite out of you Blackberry!

    • 5 shortcut screen on the homescreen
    • Perfect for users that don't use keyboard shortcuts
    • 12 customizable icons
    • Weather widget can be turned on and off - must have free or paid weather app
    • No carrier
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • No transitions


    • Now 5 icon bottom dock can be hidden - click on the arrow to hide/show
    • Removed large status text
    • Fixed active call screen text overlapping contact's picture
    • All fonts left to default

    Get Pooter PRO 2 from the Crackberry store HERE
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    Theme has been updated!
    08-24-10 01:18 PM
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    Pooter PRO 2 is on sale for $1.99 until September 30! Go get it today! HERE
    09-14-10 01:30 PM