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    Requirements & Supported Devices:

    OS 5.0 required. Supports 480 x 360 devices 8900, 8910, 8930, 9630, 9650, 9700.

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    09-02-10 07:18 AM
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    On sale for the Labor Day holiday weekend now...get it at the special price of only $1.99!
    09-02-10 05:37 PM
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    Last day of the sale folks!
    09-06-10 01:23 PM
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    New pricing for all TheIgster themes...now they are all only $1.99! Get your copy now!
    09-12-10 12:14 PM
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    Updated to v1.1:

    - Fixes issue with 12 icon on the home screen.
    - Date is now a little smaller to show better.
    - Notification area made a little bigger to show more.

    (Hopefully it has been updated properly to notify existing purchasers...first time doing it folks, so bear with me if you've purchased and can't update, let me know...thanks!)
    09-18-10 01:36 PM
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    Love this theme! Thanks for making it available!
    09-22-10 03:21 PM
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    Love this theme! Thanks for making it available!
    Thanks for using it!
    09-22-10 04:04 PM
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    Updated to v1.2:

    • Updated unread icons image to OS6 Unread Icons
    • Updated lock screen to use custom wallpaper and not default
    11-30-10 07:23 PM