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    Released: Monday, June 28/2010
    Current Version: v1.0
    Price: $1.99

    Free OTA Download Available

    As a favour to all prospective buyers, I am offering this FULL version of the theme, everything works how it should normally work, nothing is excluded. The only difference is that every icon in the theme will launch the Contacts app. This is so you get the full experience of how the theme works and see if it's right for you, before you purchase =)

    Download: OS 4.7 | OS 5.0


    The ONYXia series of themes makes its triumphant return to your BlackBerry with ONYXia 5, my most sophisticated and ambitious project yet! Treat yourself to an awe-inspiring theme inspired by the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6, while still maintaining that ONYXia feel that you've always known and love.

    I can guarantee you that once you've played with ONYXia 5, you will agree that you've never quite used anything like it. From the mind-boggling speed, the multi-screen setup, to the sheer attention to detail, it just doesn't get more PREMIUM than this! Those who are familiar with my previous works (namely Series 7 and XM-BB) can testify that my coding integrity guarantees performance bliss, and ONYXia 5 is my fastest theme yet! It's safe to say this theme is running at nearly stock Zen speeds!

    - Your main screen (aka Favorites) has room for 4 apps, all user defined. You may scroll to the right to the More screen, where you can store 5 more user-defined apps
    - Scroll to the left of the Favorites screen, and you are presented with the Preview screen, which enables FULL SCREEN viewing of your SMS, Messages, and Calendar entries!
    - If you're feeling creative, you can access what I call the Control Panel screen. This is found to the left of the Preview screen, and lets you change the colour of the focus icon (the default is blue) WITHIN the theme itself!
    - At the top, there are two user-defined apps at the top-left and top-right, as well as a dedicated Weather slot in the middle. The dock automatically hides itself when you scroll up to these icons
    - Spacebar launches QuickLaunch (sold separately)
    - Dollar Sign ($) launches SMS
    - User-defined fonts for your convenience
    - Amazingly wallpaper-friendly


    The main screen (aka Favorites), where you can house your top 4 apps

    This screen is to the right of Favorites, you can fit another 5 apps here

    As you can see, these previews are full screen, so the entries are never cut off!

    This is how you change the focus icon. There are two versions of this theme available, the only difference is the colours. The first version has Blue, Purple, Orange, and Grey (like pictured above). The other version has Red, Pink, Green, and Yellow.

    This is how it looks when you hover over either the weather icon or the top-left/top-right icon; the dock automatically hides so you can view your wallpaper fully unobstructed

    Video - Click

    Now allow me to share with you this video, where I attempt to show you around ONYXia 5. I know it's very blurry, but try to pay attention to how colours are switched within the theme. It's very cool stuff =P


    - Icons 1-4 will go on your Favorites screen, icons 5 & 6 will be your top-left and top-right icons respectively, and icon 7 will be for the Weather slot. Finally, icons 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 will show up on the More screen

    - Since there is the dedicated Preview screen for SMS, Messages, and Calendar, I recommend that you don't place these apps anywhere else on your home screens, otherwise you will be faced with less than pretty results

    - For maximum performance, perform a 30-second battery pull after successful installation of ONYXia 5


    I appreciate your continued support, to purchase ONYXia 5, please click HERE!
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    I just added the free OTA download link, check first post for details!
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