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    OS 4.6 and 5.0


    McHide is a new theme creation that brings you the best of both worlds. The bottom dock on this theme hides away when you do not want to see it, and then you have two icons that stay stationary all the time. These icons are messages and calendar. There is a hidden today on this theme as well, so when you want to hide the bottom dock, just scroll up, and when you select the message icon or the calendar icon, you will automatically see your input.

    There are also HotKeys with this theme as well. When you press the SpaceBar SearchIt will show up. When you press the $ sign, QuickLaunch will pop up. You need to have purchased, downloaded, and installed these applications for the hotkey to work.

    Sliding Dock which Hides Away
    Six Customize Icon for the Dock
    Two Stationary Icon which can not be replaced
    Hidden Today
    Huge Clock
    Hot Keys
    SpaceBar = SearchIt
    $ = Quicklaunch
    Wallpaper friendly. You can use any wallpaper you want without loosing the look and feel of the theme!

    OS 4.6
    OS 5.0
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