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    Pootermobile is back with a fun take on what has been called "Blackberry 7" aka "Juice" by Kevin Michaluk. Juice gives your BlackBerry a refreshing feel and also packs some cool features. A new feature included in all devices is a quick tutorial on the homescreen given to you by who other than Poots, The World of Pootermobile's mascot. He goes away once you go from the today screen back to the main screen and comes back only on a device reset or changing from a theme back to Juice. On the homescreen you will have a weather slot and some icons on the bottom. There is also a nifty little menu at the bottom banner that houses some fixed apps. And like always you can show off your wallpaper by simply clicking the escape key to hide everything on the screen, and clicking z or touching anywhere on the screen for touchscreen devices. You will have a great time using Juice and that is what Pootermobile is all about!

    • 5 customizable icons (keyboard devices)
    • 8 customizable icons (touchscreen devices)
    • Weather slot
    • Calendar today screen with (8 entries keyboard devices) (10 entries touchscreen devices)
    • Clickable bottom banner menu with - Manage Connections, Options, Files and Memo
    • On screen tutorial for all devices
    • Owner info displayed on the today area
    • No carrier
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Transitions throughout
    • Click escape key to hide everything (click z to show everything for keyboard devices) (touch anywhere on the screen to show everything on touchscreen devices)

    Note: When navigating from the main homescreen to the today screen scroll to the right (do not scroll down) to get to the calendar entries

    Get Juice from the Crackberry store HERE
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