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    Deviation- Sharp divergence from normal behavior

    Deviation is at the heart of The World of Pootermobile. Always trying to make themes that are out of the norm. Trying to embrace this ideology the Deviation theme is all Pootermobile. Sporting TWP's colors Deviation is a nice change in pace in the theme world. Having awesome features such as a banner holding the owner info, button that changes every time you change the wallpaper (that doubles as a shortcut to your pictures), and a second screen that enables you to show off you wallpaper a bit more. So take a step out of your routine and try something a little different with Deviation.

    • Customizable icons on homescreen - (5 keyboard devices, 8 touchscreen devices)
    • Weather slot - (you must have a free or paid weather application)
    • Fixed today calendar - (2 entries only because of space limitations)
    • Shortcut to your pictures - (click on the small picture on the bottom left, changes to your wallpaper of preference)
    • Top banner with owner info - (to change the owner info go to options/owner. you must activate another theme then activate Deviation again in order for changes in owner info to appear on the homescreen.
    • 2nd screen for better view of wallpaper - (Keyboard devices click spacebar for 2nd screen and click Escape key to go back to main screen, Touchscreen devices click (Storm) touch (Torch) top banner with owner info for 2nd screen, click/touch anywhere on 2nd screen to go back to main screen)

    Get Deviation from the Crackberry store HERE
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