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    Personalizing your BlackBerry is a big thing. With new Ceres theme you can personalize your homescreen in a new unique way. At first glance on the homescreen you see 6-8 customizable icons depending on what device you have. And a grungy looking polaroid with a nice wallpaper. Don't like the picture in wallpaper? No problem! Simply change your wallpaper like you always do and BAM! your own wall comes up inside the polaroid! For keyboard devices make sure the wallpaper is wider that it's height, or in landscape mode for optimal viewing on the homescreen. And for touchscreen devices make sure the height of the picture is greater than the width, or in portrait mode.

    • Customizable icons (6 for keyboard devices - 8 for touchscreen devices
    • Wallpaper friendly picture inside the polaroid on the homescreen
    • Transitions throughout
    • No carrier

    Get Ceres from the Crackberry store HERE
    11-12-10 10:26 PM