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    V1.0.0 Features:
    Perfect HD2 style.
    Wallpaper friendly support.
    Super clock font,12 hour format and 24 hour format compatible.
    Weather slot under the clock on homescreen.
    Small and big application icons.
    Every homescreen icons are customizable icons except "Home" button.
    "Go" button(focus)=QuickLaunch ,"Go" button(Activate)=slot3.(Storm only)
    Cool icons foucs animation.
    Advice:Move the "Today" icons like "calendar" "messages" "call" onto the buttom of homescreen.
    Shotcuts"$" open sms/mms inbox.(Non-touch screen)
    Add "back button" support on theme homescreen operate.
    Nice lock screen animation.(Except storm 5.0OS).

    1, Weather app must be moved to 1th order on application list.It can make the weather app onto the Homescreen like screenshots.
    2,You can install any weather apps like Berryweather(purchace),weatherBug(free),weatherEye s(free) or other from internet. Not we provide to you.Thanks!

    Purchase Link: Crackberry App Store

    ==========BT Design==========

    05-23-10 11:12 AM
  2. danny v's Avatar
    Superb theme!this is the most visually impressive theme i've ever installed and seen on a blackberry.i've previously purchased your hero theme so i am aware of how impressive your work is.Excellent job Robinson BT!i purchased this theme around 12 pm earlier today and i haven't experienced any memory leak at all.theme is very fast and responsive.upon locking it does experience a little lag.but no major flaws at all.if you plan on releasing updated versions i'd like to suggest a few things..1.adding more today entries so it comes to 5 or 6 entries. 2.all fade screen transitions version. 4.and placing the bluetooth icon at the top black banner next to the wifi icon instead of in the date banner. 5.the today entries on the calendar don't disappear right away when highlighting another app to the left or right of the calendar. 6.getting rid of the blue sprinkles above the dock. 7.if you could place the network name above the EDGE icon. 8.on the home bottom dock if you could make the grey highlighter slide along the icons instead of like clicking each icon one by one. 9.adding the network name to the top of the apps screen.that's seem to be all that i've come up with since running the theme all day.hope this helps.i am a huge fan of the HTC UI and think its the most impressive out of all smartphones.so i appreciate someone can produce such impressive work like this.again great job and thanks for your work.

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    05-24-10 12:22 AM