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    Blink, you do this everyday and sometimes it goes unnoticed. Quite a simple gesture that if done the right way looks attractive, but on the screen of your BlackBerry? Yes! Blink is a theme that uses a "blink" animation to hide and show your favorite apps on your homescreen. A dock that blinks open reveals the apps and blinks closed to hide the apps to leave your screen clean for a nice view of your wallpaper. On the screen you have your essentials like the battery indicator, signal, date, the time in a big font. And as always The World Of Pootermobile's mascot will aid you and give you a quick tutorial on how to use the theme.

    • Customizable icons - (6 for keyboard devices, 8 for touchscreen devices)
    • Weather slot - you must purchase or download a free weather app
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout
    • Wallpaper friendly

    Get Blink from the Crackberry store HERE
    11-23-10 05:19 PM