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    Touch-Screen version features:
    1,OS6-like interface.
    2,High imitate OS6 system animation.
    3,In homescreen :Clock area is "Clock" button,Signal icon is "Manage Connections" button.
    4,There are two small customizable icons under the banner:slot0 and slot1.
    5,The area between slot0 and slot1 icons is display "hidden today" button.
    6,Every Today icon has 3 items can be display on homescreen.
    7,According gravity sensor to change homescreen UI.
    8,Homescreen instruction when portrait:
    1)There are total 12 customizable icons can be hidden on homescreen.
    2)When the icons on the bottom,you can touch text buttons to scroll icons.
    3)Quicklaunch app support.(exp.From screenshots)
    4)Touch blank area on the left to enter application list.(exp. From AD pics)
    9,Homescreen instruction when landscape:
    1)There are 4 customizable icons(slot2 to slot5) on the bottom.
    2)Touch "Application" icon hide 4 icons,Touch "Back" resume.
    3)Today include "calenday" and "messages"
    4)Touch the rihgt of blank area is "QuickLaunch" app.
    5)Press the left of blank area is "Application list".
    10.Press Back button on the Blackberry can hidden all icons or Todays.

    Non-touch screen version features:
    1.There are two display style on homescreen with Today and Zen.
    2.Two customizable icons(slot1 and slot2) under the banner.
    3.Default style is ZEN:12 customizable icons on the bottom of homescreen.
    4.Press "Space" button changing to Today style.
    5.Press "Back" button back to ZEN style.

    Storm1/2 version Youtube demo:
    Non-touch screen version Youtube demo:

    Purchase link: Crackberry store

    05-08-10 01:33 PM
  2. keto27's Avatar
    great theme. one thing: could you make the second text line font in contacts user customizable? and could you post the wallpaper for berryweather please? thx.
    05-09-10 12:44 AM
  3. autonami's Avatar
    Very pleased with this theme. The icons are perfect. And love the scrolling dock.

    Only thing that really bothers me is that I can't hide the dock ( non today version ) I thought that one of the screenshots represented such a feature. But I see now that it was a landscape view of storm. If you released a version of non touch with a hidden dock. I would be happy to get that.

    One annoyance is that when scrolling through the icons on the screen, if you accidentally scroll down, the selection jumps back ti the first icon.

    And as woelv said. The second line font in contacts and phone log is pretty ugly. It seems you had a custom font
    set and it didn't come on export.

    The theme is still great but would more worth it if it had a hidden dock

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-12-10 09:33 AM