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    Had to of course test out the new 4.7 CDK. 89xx Of Course, supporting 4.6.1 OS.

    02-11-09 03:33 AM
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    Would you mind fixing your post to follow the format that is required by CB theme posting rules? Thanks

    Here's a link so you can access it quickly: http://forums.crackberry.com/f16/rea...22-08-a-81101/

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    02-11-09 03:49 AM
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    Just kiddn!

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    02-11-09 03:50 AM
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    "There are no sub-forums for each device for posting themes. Please try to keep your posts in the correct sub forum. If you post one thread which contains links to a theme for multiple devices, it may be posted in the main forum. Likewise if you have general theme questions they may be posted in the main forum, however for device specific items, please try to place them in the correct sub-forum. "

    Needs to be updated since those rules are now incorrect anyways.
    02-11-09 03:52 AM
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    You forgot some:

    The Mods will be editing current thread titles to meet this format as well, if you have any issues or concerns, please PM me and we will work it out. Originally Posted by :Title - Style - Device - OS Versionex. Crackberry Abuser Theme Bottom Zen 87xx/88xx/83xx 4.2+Glass X Theme - Today Plus - 83xx - 4.5 Only

    As this what I was refering to.

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    02-11-09 03:57 AM
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    That as well is redundant is the point...the forums are NOW seperated to define which is which, in any event you'll see new rules posted anyways as those one clearly need editing to a certain extent. All of that was in affect when it was just "Themes" and not device separation between the forums.
    02-11-09 04:02 AM
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    Whoa...someone doesn't listen well
    09-08-09 04:19 PM
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    Cool theme though...
    09-08-09 04:22 PM