1. ria__x's Avatar
    i'm so confused

    some themes work.. some themes don't! and i was thinking it was due to my phone but i got it replaced so now it's a brand new phone and i'm still having the same issues!!

    i am on os, so when it says to click OTA for 5.0 on a theme, i do and it doesn't work properly (active/incoming call screen doesn't show the themes just the default BB blue) i have even paid for one recently and same thing!

    ITS REALLY BUGGING ME. is it because i am from the UK on Orange and am downloading from american sites? or is it because some of the themes are designed for os i always reboot/set permissions to allow but no luck.
    10-29-10 03:14 PM
  2. daintylady's Avatar
    having same issues.. . . i've had to give up downloading some themes because they don't appear at all! D:
    05-14-11 09:07 AM