09-15-10 02:03 PM
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  1. exploderider210's Avatar
    awesome theme
    08-20-09 01:19 AM
  2. jayjay7411#AC's Avatar
    Do you mean changing the wallpaper behind the major "strucure"? Is there anything that you would rather have than the speaker grill(in particular) or do you just want the ability to put your own image behind the main "structure"?
    Yeah I just wanna beable to change the wallpaper behind the main "structure" instead of the stuck carbon fiber look

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    08-20-09 01:41 AM
  3. jas0ns's Avatar
    Awesome job kscrum! very nicely thought out and very clean must have taken many many many days. We users are so lucky
    08-20-09 03:34 AM
  4. boreilly13's Avatar
    Where is the OTA link?! I'm new to all of this but think this theme is beyond awesome!
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    08-20-09 01:05 PM
  5. kscrum's Avatar
    08-20-09 01:41 PM
  6. kscrum's Avatar
    Link is in the post above and in the first post of this thread.
    08-20-09 01:41 PM
  7. threekings's Avatar
    Most excellent theme. Just trying it out. Like for fonts and colours. Great backdrops and all too.
    Thanks kscrum!
    boreilly13: OTA is in 1st post.
    08-20-09 01:51 PM
  8. kscrum's Avatar
    Thanks Threekings-haven't seen you around here lately.
    08-22-09 09:12 AM
  9. kscrum's Avatar
    As much as I hate when people "bump" their own threads, I just had to get this one some more attention. Despite the fact that I don't normally do requests or changes to my themes, I am looking for a super creative person to give me some input on how to make this theme better/more interesting. This is by far my favorite creation and I would like to see it evolve! So if you have any ideas or input let me hear it on this one.
    08-25-09 06:43 AM
  10. jayjay7411#AC's Avatar
    i would love it if i could actually change the wallpaper behind the structure....

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    08-25-09 10:08 AM
  11. kscrum's Avatar
    The only problem with that would be that when you change the wp on the home screen the wp on the app screen would change as well.
    08-26-09 06:01 AM
  12. jayjay7411#AC's Avatar
    the wallpaper on the app screen already is changeable for me...
    08-26-09 10:48 AM
  13. kscrum's Avatar
    Yeah - it actually changes on the home screen too-it's just covered by the wp from the .svg file.
    08-26-09 12:36 PM
  14. jayjay7411#AC's Avatar
    yeah i know sooo can ya change it up to where the svg is only the structe not the wallpaper too....

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    08-26-09 01:05 PM
  15. tnguyen022890's Avatar
    great themeee!! i got some suggestions for you if you would like to hear them.. over all this is the best theme i have found i bought 2 themes for elecite and it dont even come close to this one. the suggestions i have for you is for the font to be a little smaller, and about the sms texting do you know how to make the background stay black, it would be nice with the background black even when you reply to a message it'll stay black if you can do that this theme will be by far the best out there.
    08-26-09 04:20 PM
  16. swilson504's Avatar
    looks tight
    08-26-09 05:14 PM
  17. c_is_for_crackberry's Avatar
    wow havnt been by in a while, looks f'ing sweet dude
    08-27-09 01:30 PM
  18. dannieloco's Avatar
    ^^ dang C... it's been a while. Glad to see you back! Scrum's been churning out some excellent themes lately.. Im liking them all.
    08-27-09 01:32 PM
  19. kscrum's Avatar
    I have 2 more to release but I have to wait to wait on permission from Natemz to release one of them.
    09-02-09 02:27 PM
  20. iLovemy_bb's Avatar
    Honestly, this theme is pretty sick and it works smoothlly. I love its look and a friend of mine was impressed...if you make anything better than this, you're a true BBerry genius.
    09-08-09 03:56 PM
  21. kscrum's Avatar
    Glad u like it! I have yet to top this effort.
    09-08-09 07:16 PM
  22. kscrum's Avatar
    Get this while u can(if u want it) because I am taking down what is left of my themes. This forum has turned in to Lamesville.
    09-10-09 11:32 AM
  23. thebignewt's Avatar
    Get this while u can(if u want it) because I am taking down what is left of my themes. This forum has turned in to Lamesville.
    Are you still gonna keep it up on the other site, new ones too (please)? Hey my fantasy football pals loved my Card theme last week. It was the talk of the houseboat. 2 of them have 83xx's I said they had to step up to get stuff like this.
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    09-10-09 12:10 PM
  24. kscrum's Avatar
    This is the greatest theme ever made. I made it totally from scratch with over 150 new icons. This theme makes a statement and that statement is - "F everyone on the planet because I rock ballz!!!". Now don't you want your phone to make a statement like that?

    Voyage isn't just a theme-it's a way of life!
    09-21-09 03:08 PM
  25. kscrum's Avatar
    Big thanks to the creator of this theme! But how do I download OTA?(And what does OTA mean?)
    09-21-09 03:14 PM
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