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    Hong Kong theme by Zuki now available from Zuki Mobile, Handango, and from the CrackBerry app store: here.

    A beautiful theme that compliments the Hong Kong skyline with some subtle changes which work well with the integration of the overall look and feel.

    All main screen elements like battery meter, date & time and network all moved centrally to merge elequently with the theme.

    A visually stunning theme that will appeal to everyone.

    Simple yet effective theme with a truly exceptional photo of the hong kong skyline at night some changes to notification icons and fonts. From picture above you can see the time and date have been made bigger so it's easy to now the time from your theme.


    * Large date and time on home screen
    * Runs smooth (no lag)
    * Notification indicators changed from red to yellow to compliment theme.

    Operating System

    Available for 4.6+
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