11-20-09 08:57 AM
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  1. ketanitem's Avatar
    Theme name: Combox
    Theme author: ketanitem (commberry.com)
    Theme credits: Plazmic 4.7 beta 2
    Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 8900 OS 4.6.1
    Cost: NONE, do it for fun and in the spirit of sharing.

    A. Combox 3: 8 icons with 5 row Calendar.
    Updated: enlarge the calendar sections, moved message indicator to the header section.

    Download for 8900 here: here
    ** Wallpaper can be customized.

    B. Combox 2 (for 8900 and 9000), 6 standard icons with Calendar and Messages

    OTA download
    - for 8900: here.
    - for 8900: here.

    ** Wallpaper can be customized

    C. Combox 1 - Initial version, theme for 8900 with 9 icons plus the 3 row Calendar.

    OTA download from here.

    ** Can't customize wallpaper.

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    02-21-09 02:35 PM
  2. anarmy's Avatar
    02-21-09 08:43 PM
  3. Lex Luthor's Avatar
    Great theme! The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't use my own wallpaper on the main homescreen. If you can change this let me know!
    02-22-09 04:51 AM
  4. JMillionNYC's Avatar
    looks nice. will be tryin it out
    02-22-09 05:01 AM
  5. MrKyoo's Avatar
    Nice work.
    02-22-09 06:23 AM
  6. ketanitem's Avatar
    Great theme! The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't use my own wallpaper on the main homescreen. If you can change this let me know!
    Updated, on the second theme (hope you like it), it can now use your own wallpaper.
    02-22-09 11:06 AM
  7. mrprezident's Avatar
    propz nice the theme very different
    02-22-09 01:33 PM
  8. doebi's Avatar
    realy nice theme, but you're my personal god, if you could change the message box with the calender box in the second version! is it possible!?
    02-22-09 01:41 PM
  9. Lex Luthor's Avatar
    Updated, on the second theme (hope you like it), it can now use your own wallpaper.
    Thanks very much!!
    02-22-09 02:09 PM
  10. Iceman's Avatar
    looks nice...
    02-22-09 02:12 PM
  11. dcity's Avatar
    thank you very much !!!
    02-22-09 05:09 PM
  12. juming's Avatar
    Great theme IMHO, anyway there some glitch on my 8900..

    1. In 6 icon standby screen if I scroll trackball up on 3rd icon from left, it will point to calendar and message list, but on 4th icon from left it going to profile, so in my opinion the 1st to 3rd icon from left should point to profile, and then 4th to 6th from left will go to calendar and message list;

    2. On profile selection any other unselected profile not shown the description (possibly because black color font on black background), and no highlighted bar (maybe black color highlight), but possible also because it designed like that, hope there is an highlight border and other profile has visible description;

    3. If I'm open the message, there a small bar accross screen at below application bar that still show the wallpaper;

    4. Hope there will be an 7 point font menu, and there only calendar list on right pane..

    Anyway this is great theme..
    02-22-09 08:18 PM
  13. ketanitem's Avatar
    Thanks, will look into it. BTW, see the latest addition. Hope you all like it.
    02-23-09 12:56 AM
  14. drew4flt72's Avatar
    Sweet!! I like the look of these themes...good job!!
    02-23-09 04:02 AM
  15. hainer's Avatar
    Is there anyway to adjust the font size? I notice when I look at my messages or contact list, the font size is very small. Any help would be great. Nice work!
    02-23-09 05:58 AM
  16. BBROCKR's Avatar
    Nice themes!
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    02-23-09 02:09 PM
  17. mcagayat's Avatar
    OMGG u are THE BEST! these are SO cleann!!
    02-23-09 07:55 PM
  18. mcagayat's Avatar
    Hey this theme is probably the best I ever had on any phone but my two main gripes are: the wallpaper can't be changed when you lock the phone AND the messages box doesn't have an asterisk when you get a message

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    02-24-09 06:53 AM
  19. flash24's Avatar
    Very creative, thanks!
    02-24-09 02:24 PM
  20. amf14's Avatar
    Downloaded and installed the first one. Thanks!
    02-24-09 09:10 PM
  21. mcagayat's Avatar
    oh i didnt even know u updated this! AMAZING! thanks for listening to our inputs!
    02-27-09 09:29 PM
  22. mcagayat's Avatar
    the owner title and the info when u lock the phone only shows three lines...and it has a huge space in the middle, is there anyway to put it back to the way it was from before? it was way better
    02-27-09 09:42 PM
  23. hainer's Avatar
    That is a great theme! You have done an outstanding job. Works great. I have a question for you: Is there a way to make some of the sections such as e-mail and contact list appear with a larger font? My aging eyes are not as they used to be.

    Otherwise, I love it!


    03-02-09 07:38 AM
  24. SoCalBBr's Avatar
    Nice Theme!
    03-03-09 04:48 AM
  25. ketanitem's Avatar
    Will be working on the font size soon. Thank you.
    03-03-09 11:40 AM
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