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    Hello, everyone!!!
    Another exciting theme has come out from BerryMobi: Quadra

    Quadra is sleek, smooth, clean, simple, functional, fast, and stylish.
    This is a theme for performance users in mind. It's littered with hotspots and shortcuts. There there are Hidden Today, Hidden Docks, and Multi-Function Slots. You name it and we got it in Quadra.

    If you've used any of BerryMobi's theme you know that we back every single theme we produce with unparalleled quality and customer service so rest assured that you will get your hard-earned money's worth!

    Check Quadra out today!

    General Features:
    * Newly styled icons
    * Custom graphics throughout the theme
    * High quality images
    * Fast, Lag-Free, Highly Functional
    * ----
    * 16 icons on the home screen
    * Hidden docks for uncluttered home screen
    * -- Can hide up to 12 icons individually; 3 icons per corner (for Storm version)
    * -- Can hide 8 icons (for non-Storm)
    * -- Press ALT + # or * to show/hide docks (see the screenshot for Storm version direction)
    * -- Hidden Docks Show All/Hide All buttons (for Storm version only)
    * Loaded with hidden hotspots and shortcuts
    * -- Options = Battery Meter
    * -- Manage Connections = Signal Meter
    * -- Clock = Clock
    * -- Calendar = Date
    * -- QuickLaunch = Space Bar (for non-Storm, see the screenshot for Storm version direction)
    * -- Profiles = Profiles
    * -- "$" key == SMS/MMS
    * -- Hidden Today (for non-Storm only) = "CALENDAR/MESSAGES"
    * -- Hidden Today (for Storm only) = Place and tap any hidden today icons on the home screen
    * -- Cursor parking area that doubles as Messages (for non-Storm only)

    Get Quadra Today

    Get Quadra Today
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  2. Mistik's Avatar
    I've been running this in beta and its sweet! very clean and no lag!
    10-15-10 12:59 AM
  3. dougeefresh's Avatar
    Thanks for all your help! You guys help to make the theme that much better!
    10-15-10 09:53 AM
  4. Mistik's Avatar
    ur welcome, hope people will like it
    10-15-10 10:55 PM
  5. dougeefresh's Avatar
    I hope so too
    10-16-10 12:23 PM
  6. dougeefresh's Avatar
    11-08-10 11:00 PM
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    This theme along with ALL my themes on sale for $1.99 now.
    Get'em at the CB store!

    11-24-10 10:18 AM