1. Luxferre's Avatar

    After much looking around (3 days to be exact) and piecing things together. I finially have the theme again!

    Here it is for anyone who is also looking for it since Hyperplex (who should get FULL AND ALL CREDIT FOR MAKING THIS VERY VERY AWESOME THEME) lost his OTA copy!

    Badango: Hypaereon.rar - Uploaded through Badongo - BADONGO
    Mediafire: Hypaereon Theme.rar

    Cheers and ENJOY!

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    09-10-10 11:12 PM
  2. Dugstar's Avatar
    Can you not upload to Mediafire..?

    Tried a few times with FF now and keeps giving me a page not found on trying to download..
    09-11-10 03:28 AM
  3. the_eel's Avatar
    anyone know why when i copy the files to blackberry/themes on my media card and then install the JAD (which is successful), then do a reboot - i cannot see the theme in my theme list?? It is in my application list with the rest of my themes..
    09-12-10 08:31 AM
  4. Dugstar's Avatar
    Thank you for the mediafire link ..much appreciated
    09-13-10 01:12 AM
  5. the_eel's Avatar
    How did you guys install it?
    09-14-10 08:43 AM
  6. Dugstar's Avatar
    put the file on to a SD card and installed from there ..
    09-14-10 12:36 PM
  7. Hyperplex's Avatar
    Okay, through a stroke of luck and some hard work, I managed to find and salvage the 5.0 versions only of Hypaereon Sliq. I have the following caveats:

    1) I no longer have a BlackBerry and no longer have the development tools for theme authoring. These themes are offered as they are; I cannot enhance, change, test or alter them. I hope they work without glitches or bugs, but I can make so guarantees.

    2) I do NOT have the .thm or .svg files anymore. I am sorry. All that I was able to salvage were the exported theme files.

    3) I hope you all enjoy and can use these themes. I am sorry that so many of you have had a hard time finding or getting the theme to work while the files were missing.

    I must say I am blown away by how rabid the search for this theme became. I'm flattered and pleased that so many people found it useful and enjoyable. I hope these files can satisfy those of you who are still searching for it.

    8900 5.0: http://www.hyperplexia.net/x/bbtheme...q_8900v5_0.jad
    9630 5.0: http://www.hyperplexia.net/x/bbtheme...q_9600v5_0.jad
    9700 5.0: http://www.hyperplexia.net/x/bbtheme..._Sliq_9700.jad
    11-21-10 11:42 AM