1. anon(3399195)'s Avatar
    Hi, I was playing with theme builder when my BB was on OS 4.6 and I recently upgraded to OS 5. When I try to make themes for my BB the firmware on the theme builder is OS 4.6 and when I'm SMS part of the theme builder it shows the non-threaded SMS. I have tried to make a theme using this but for some parts the colours that show up on the blackberry aren't the ones that I changed them to. How do I change the theme builder to build only OS 5 themes.
    06-22-10 03:09 PM
  2. anon(3399195)'s Avatar
    nobody knows a solution??
    06-23-10 03:18 PM
  3. mrtolles's Avatar
    There is not an SMS part of theme builder. There is a message part of theme builder that includes the Main SMS screen, but theme builder does NOT theme the threaded SMS on any device or OS.

    I build all my themes using the 9700 Template and export to 5.0. (the 9700 template ONLY allows for 5.0 OS) Any 5.0 480x360 device can use those themes although the 8900 does not show the call screens and i think a few other options.
    06-24-10 02:07 PM