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    A HTC Hero inspired theme to transform your Black Berry into your very own HERO! Includes a weather slot, 6 customized icons, 6 Media switch access, Calendar & Message access to view from the home screen.

    To make "Messages" show up on the home screen just press "alt + e"
    To make "Calendar" show up on the home screen just press "alt + c"
    Also "$" goes to SMS/MMS

    The "+" sign opens the side switches and down arrow closes the switches.

    Weather Version includes slot 1 for Weather program of your choice
    No Weather Version is for Berry Weather as a wallpaper, Wallpaper Pack included (should be sent when you order through Mobihand but if not contact me through the contact email and I can email you the link)

    Once clicked on "Messages" or "Calendar" scroll up to view the hidden today items and then scroll back down for the ability to hide the background and today items.

    FOR OS 5.0 ONLY!


    Purchase @ the Mobihand Network

    **Thanks to HelmDawg and Crevis (Eric & Travis) for testing and giving valuable feedback and ideas**
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    Ok updated the theme to 1.1, apparently QuickLaunch isn't updated to the newest for some devices and the hotkey selection isn't there so I added the space for QuickLaunch and ShortcutMe.
    02-11-10 10:09 PM
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    Just updated to v1.2, now you can change the bottom to Calendar by pressing alt + c and Message to alt + e, it will stay that way until you change it. Also added "$" to SMS/MMS shortcut

    Also on sale for $3.50
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