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    Grid is very wallpaper friendly with a hidden icon dock and a hidden Today screen. The Today screen is always just a touch or click away (depending on your device).

    Please see video and screen shots for more details.

    **For Storm Only**
    Touch GPS meter at the bottom to bring up Today screen.
    Touch battery meter to hide Today screen.
    Click screen left for Berry Weather.
    Click screen right for Quick Launch.
    Click just above icon dock for Options screen.
    Touch "left and right" above icons to cycle dock.
    When left dock is shown touch right side to hide.
    When right dock is shown touch left side to hide.
    Touch the center where icon dock once was will bring dock back to home position.
    Note: Berry Weather and Quick Launch are not included.

    **For Trackball Devices Only**
    Esc = hide dock
    Space = show dock
    r = clock
    $ = SMS
    e = Calendar Today
    y = Messages Today
    z = SMS Today
    j = connections
    Scroll up to access the Profiles.
    Note: Berry Weather and Quick Launch are not included.

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    Ooh I Like!
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    Ooh I Like!
    Real Soon...
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    Still On Sale till midnight July 4th.
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    this theme is awesome
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