1. devilzlitangel's Avatar
    does anyone have a blackberry theme with all these options included? ...
    -all the original layouts as the blackberry 8900 comes with (reg fonts and icons and bkgrnds)
    -hidden today (when you hover over the zen dock icons, today shows, and hides when not active)
    -hidden bottom dock (either by hot keys like "invisible" when you hit the excape button on the homescreen, and "visible" when u hit the spacebar) OR the dock just disappear when the bottom dock icons are not active
    -transitions are a bonus
    -hot keys are a bonus (f=facebook, p/$=profile)
    -and wallpaper friendly

    i tired to make my own theme, but no one has a tutorial or clear steps on how to make a theme with hidden today and hidden dock on the zen layout.
    alot of theme makers uses unrecognizable icons that dont represents the icons well .. (ex. bb msgr icon is the msn ppl-looking msgr icon? o k "like no")
    (ex. the calculator icon doesnt even look like a calc., but a phone?)

    if its impossible to have a theme with everything that i ask for, can someone just give me links or steps on how to make a theme with what i want?

    p.s. this is what happens to you when you get addicted to having the perfect theme for yourself.
    06-16-10 02:57 PM