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    Hey all

    I'm in a pickle because there are a bunch of great themes here but I wish I could put all my favorite themes into one.

    If someone could find time, it'd be greatly appreciated if someone could make a theme according to these points:

    - Precision Zen theme bottom dock... so that when an icon is highlighted, it is luminated as blue (not sure if it should stay blue or black... )
    - slightly smaller icons on the dock... maybe 1/3 smaller
    - the bottom dock should be translucent
    - But, the bottom dock, if you could somehow separate each icon on the bottom so that it's not just a strip of gray icons, but individual boxed icons... so that when it's highlighted, the perimeter of the icon is highlighted and no gray area around in which is the remainder of the dock
    - Today (the calendar) on the home page, preferably 5 calendar dates. Have the calendar start about 1/4 from the top so that it's not starting right underneath the clock
    - the wallpaper for the main menu should be : this
    - All the icons should be stock, just the way blackberry made them on the phone... except I'd really love it if the SMS icon could look like the one in this picture right here
    - Outgoing calls, if the layout could remain the same, but the background (instead of just blue) if you could make it the color "candy blue"
    - Incoming calls, same thing, background should be "candy blue"
    - the lock screen should have this picture (me and my doggy!!) yay
    - no transitioning!

    I know it's a lot, but it'd be amazingly awesome if someone could make this Thank you <3
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