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    I was trying to do something with DC3 inspired which didn't work out so I made another theme and here it is!
    To be honest I feel like it's the best theme I came up with so far... not only is it based on how I wanted it, but I have a group of awesome people who helped me with this theme. If it wasn't for them, this theme would probably have to wait until next year for release... and I would have a bald spot as well.

    Huge thanks to Megan for app screen wallies. An even huger thanks to Yuki for giving me the default wallie (and other wallies too) and also for helping... no actually for teaching me how to make the hidden dock a lot better which was the main problem this theme had... the moment I followed her instructions I knew the theme was ready for release but I wanted to run it for 1 more day to make sure it's good. ‘Icon set used: Blackberry OS6 OEM Icons Edited by awayu from www.bbthemelab.com.’ Everything else is done by me. The battery meter was in inspiration that I got from an artist on deviant art while I was browsing for ideas for battery meters... I forgot who it was because I browsed about 700 pages but I'll find that artist and credit him/her.

    This is a gray and dark blue theme through out. The status for the slot in the bottom corner and the slot as well is static. As always there is a battery and no battery version; there is also a HT and no HT version as well. So it's 4 files that I am working with; please let me know if I mixed the files up.

    Navigation and hotkeys:

    Scroll down from any slot on dock to access the slot in the bottom corner.
    Focus can be hidden by scrolling left from slot in bottom corner and scrolling right on the last slot on the dock.
    Click trackpad/ball to activate dock; scroll up to hide dock.
    $ for sms
    "Space" for QL
    In HT versions, a dark background will be brought up when the dock is activated... I don't like using so much hotkeys because of confusions and others.
    Hope you all have a very happy and safe holidays.

    Enjoy! Comments are always appreciated.

    SS and OTA

    No battery no HT
    No battery with HT

    Battery no HT
    Battery with HT

    *Wallie in second screenshot can be found in Roxy's Thread
    *BW set is GrinchWeather by ba_hamilton and can be found in the ThemesInMotion berryweather skin section.

    UPDATE:Lock screen is fixed to be able to see date, time, and new message indicators. It was intended to be like that originally anyways and I somehow clicked an option that was supposed to be left blank and I did not realize since I personally don't use lock screen.
    For this theme I only accept bug fixes... if you have any request please contact me for the option of custom.

    UPDATE2:Hot keys added- f for facebook and 0 for profiles.

    UPDATE3:Hot key added- R for pictures... shift + r.

    If you think what I do is worth something and you have some extra change, you are more than welcome to drop me a donation Thank you for your monetary support.

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    The links are dead.
    12-24-10 11:13 AM
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    The links are dead.
    I was in the middle of updating them, now they should be fine.
    12-24-10 11:25 AM