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    This is an ultra simple purple colored theme with moveable weather slot. The 3 buttons under the banner are used to slide the weather slot left-center-right. I am so going to over use this moveable weather slot feature! I just love being able to still have my WS and can move it around so it wont block my wallie.

    But I know some people prefers/needs to use docks and HT so I decided to make a version with dock, HT, and a custom battery meter. ‘Icon set used: Blackberry OS6 OEM Icons Edited by awayu from www.bbthemelab.com.’; everything else is by me.

    Big thanks to seashell93 for the pretty name "orchid"... I had a really guyish name for it before that... but now I can make a theme to go with the guyish name. Thanks to all may beta testers for being wonderful as always! And to songbird especially because she keeps on providing excellent materials (wallies, battery meter layout, etc) to make themes with and help me deal with my color dilemma. And good news! Songbird now has a blog! Head on over to check out for goodies!

    Enjoy! Comments are always appreciated.

    • r for pictures
    • 0 for profiles
    • space for QL
    • f for facebook
    • +/- for WS
    • For the complex version: */# for the today background, return button to toggle dock, and scroll down to show dock.

    SS and OTA:

    Orchid simple

    Orchid complex
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