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    I posted this in the Tour section so I figured it's easy to just re-export for 8900 as well.


    Features: Cool window effect works with any wallpaper; Weather Slot with text; Hidden Today shows 4 items; Cool minimalist brushed metal look inspired by MAC OS X without copying the actual OS itself; Mono colored matching icons + a whole set of matching icons for you to use on third party apps (requires the app MagicIcon)

    Theme runs SUPER FAST! There is no svg in this theme, so it loads and runs with absolutely NO lag!

    Please note: this theme is very minimalistic to keep a clean look. Notification area in banner is turned off, as is the alarm icon. I actually made this theme for myself, and decided to share it. I always just look at the new items indicator on the icons themselves instead of the banner notifications, which I could not find any that matched the theme well anyway. I also know when I put my alarm on, so I don't need to see it in the banner. I always use bedside mode anyway. If you don't like minimalist, then this theme might not be for you.

    I may update this theme some more... but please do not ask for changes as I no longer have a Windows PC anymore - I went to a Macbook Pro - I actually made this theme entirely on an 8" netbook running XP!! Updates depend on how buggy my eyes get looking at that small screen!

    Wallpaper was from a thread on CB so I can't take credit for it.



    In case any of you have the app MagicIcon and wish to change your third party apps to match, here is the entire grayscale set, with tons of extra icons not used in the theme itself (in a .tgz archive):


    01-06-10 11:20 AM
  2. joanne1032's Avatar
    This is really nice!! I like the chrome look and the all matching icons, great job and Thanks!!
    01-06-10 11:57 AM
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    This is beautiful
    01-07-10 12:12 PM