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    I told you I wouldn't leave the BB theming world!! I'll still do them even though I have an Eris. Tonight at work is completely slow and I have a very minor homework week this week so I decided to theme. I will not convert these to any other devices or OS. I don't have THAT much free time...

    Thanks to Notrega on CB for the idea.

    I decided I wanted to keep making different versions of my colorocity themes. I really can't think of a new spectacular idea, just wanted to build off what I have already done

    This is my 4th version of the colorocity series! BLANK homescreens!! The others can be found on my blog RGarling Designs

    Everything else about the colorocity's are the same except your homescreen is blank and you place whatever WP you want with it. No more having to worry about matching with the theme color. Notification icons are the only things to be seen, but they will be the color of the theme.

    QL spacebar shortcut and $ for SMS/MMS

    Screenshot from kimmiekav1970 on Twitter using Purpleocity Blank.

    5.0 Pink Download

    5.0 Purple Download

    5.0 Teal Download

    5.0 Grey Download

    5.0 Green Download

    5.0 Red Download

    Always do a battery pull after installation to ensure the theme runs smoothly.


    **I will not make any changes to these themes. They are as is!**
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    04-18-10 08:04 PM
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    My theme OTAs are down until further notice. I am switching theme hosts and need to transfer all my themes. Please be patient! I will notify when they are back up.
    06-24-10 03:36 AM
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    Rats! I really like the blank themes and this one was perfect! Looking forward to find you back up and running
    06-25-10 11:47 PM
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    check them on my blog. they are all fixed there. there are way to many links and threads i have to change on CB. i will get them fixed when i get to a desktop. it's too hard to do them all on a laptop.
    06-26-10 02:06 AM
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    OTA links are up.
    06-28-10 12:36 AM
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    If there was a version of this theme for the Bold 9000, that would be awesome! I'm using the app Big Clock by Quite Simple, and I need a theme with no clock on it. This is the closest I've found so far. Thanks for your hard work!

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    02-11-11 03:46 AM