09-16-10 05:44 PM
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  1. rigden33's Avatar
    You, sir, are amazing. It works and looks great. It has virtually no lag and the home screen feels just like OS6 except you only have two screens to swipe between, but it is still amazing!

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    09-14-10 04:22 PM
  2. boggsterman's Avatar
    I have to say, amazing work in terms of getting it to look just like OS6, really the best i've seen, and even better that you are sharing it for free. However, I will be deleting it shortly because even with the latest version5 (the fist i have downloaded) it is quite glitchy. Some area's are not well refined, and the function is not as i expected. Aesthetically very pleasing and all in all a fantastic effort, but it's not for me i'm afraid. Keep up the good though, perhaps with more refinement i would like it better. One thing i would suggest but might not work is that you have say 5 user definable mini icons at the top where currently the messages section is sitting which would enable you to jump straight to specific im/e-mail/sms apps like BBM. This is my offering here:


    It's nowhere near as pretty as yours, and lacks the true OS6 style function at the bottom, but i think the part at the top with the clock and apps is a little better?
    09-16-10 05:57 AM
  3. 1DJC's Avatar
    This theme is great!

    One thing that annoys me slightly, when i scroll down from the clock on to the messages bit at the top the bottom toolbar quickly opens and closers, it irritates me slightly but nothing i couldnt get used to i suppose
    09-16-10 05:44 PM
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