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    This is a theme that I made for my friend Anna and named it after her. I made it a tad bit too girly for her but we both agreed that if I had already invested time in this, I should share it with others who might like the girliness of it. So here it is!

    I made 2 versions, one with battery and one without battery. Both are the same just minus battery meter.
    I thought about making one for the guys but I don't know how the guys feel about this concept with the black background layer with transparent figures on it that can come out different depending on the background you choose to use. So I don't know, if the guys like this concept, give me suggestions on what I should put on the black background layer to make it guy friendly (but please nothing too complicating... ).

    Anyways enjoy! Remember to leave me some feedbacks and do a battery pull after installation.

    Hot keys: dock z/0, black background */#, WS and the small slot on the banner are both static.
    Navigation: scroll up from first slot in dock to access WS and the small slot, all slot on dock has access to the today area by scrolling down.

    ****UPDATED OTA LINK and bug fix*******

    No battery


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    11-20-10 10:42 AM
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    Can I ask what weather icons you use??? SO cute! The theme is great to.
    11-20-10 07:11 PM
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    Can I ask what weather icons you use??? SO cute! The theme is great to.
    thanks, that would be Emoticon Weather XL by songbird and blasttyrant.
    11-20-10 08:57 PM