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    The theme script is in beta stage so that, of course, mistakes will always happen.

    We try our best to repair all matters. Pls do not hesitate to inform me your ideals/matters. We will feedback asap.

    Best regards.

    -8 icons on the bottom row.
    -3 user customizable buttons along the top.
    -Clicking on the battery opens up Options.
    -Clicking on the time opens the Clock.
    -Clicking on the network opens Manage Connections.
    -Clicking on the signal meter opens WiFi Setup.
    -*NEW* Click on the date to open Calendar. On today themes this opens Memo.
    -*NEW* Click on the network name (top right) to open Browser.

    Donations are welcome. I appreciate all the feedback I'm getting!
    Thanks guys! by NiteWalker

    Donate (request)

    Model: 97xx/96xx/
    OS: 6.0
    Author: mobiworld

    Free download

    update V2 zip

    source: BlackBerry Bold 9780 Themes

    Should you so wish, please feel free to donate Thank you!
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