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    DZ offers access to 14 applications on the home-screen based in user defined order, and yet is a wallpaper show off theme, with two hidden vertical docks with 5 applications each plus a fixed 4 application dock on top left of the screen, all icons on home-screen have been re-sized to 50 x 50 px. Home-screen hot-keys and a hidden today area depending on the version you choose.

    Please make sure to select the hidden today version if you wish to use the today feature enabled theme


    • 4 mini icons on top
    • Two vertical hidden docks with 5 icons each for 97xx, 96xx and 89xx.
    • Hidden Today and Non Today versions available.
    • Homescreen Hotkeys:

    • T launches Twitter for BlackBerry*
    • @ Launches Foursquare*
    • Space Bar launches QuickLaunch*
    • f launches Profiles
    • y launches Manage Connections
    • w launches BerryWeather*
    • r launches WeatherPeek*
    • $ launches SMS and MMS

    * applications not included

    • Scroll left or right on the vertical docks to hide/unhide each one, scroll up from the vertical docks to auto hide.
    • Applications 2-4 are today enabled on today version, scroll down to access 9 today items.
    • Transitional screens, small in size to ensure best performance.
    • Custom wallpapers, banners and metters.
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Transparent menu backgrounds

    Compatible with:
    • Tour 9630
    • Curve 8900, 8910,
    • Bold 9700 and 9650
    • OS 5.0

    Any customizations can be done by request, price depending on what you request.
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    04-20-10 04:13 PM
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    Very sweet! 2-4 on top are user defined?

    Are the fonts user defined as well?
    04-20-10 05:20 PM
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    A few other notes, "T" already launches Task Manager, will the programmed "T" for twitter conflict?

    "W" already launches berryweather. By programming "W" with berry weather, it locks out speed dial for "1" unless I get into phone first.
    04-20-10 05:25 PM
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    fonts and all icons are user defined, if you hold w for 2 seconds and youll get voicemail, about twitter is the combination of shift + t = T to launch twitter....

    thanks for the comments
    04-20-10 08:55 PM
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    Thanks! I cracked and bought this because I love all the shortcuts and was curious about the docks. Thanks for bringing back the "F" profile shortcut! I've missed it!!

    This theme is SUPERB. The double hidden docks are genius! The navigation is also natural, awesome to have FOUR customizable icons on top, nice large notifications bar for all the soclialites, glorious full TODAY preview, and all essential elements are also there! Huge plus here is that user defined fonts *are really* user defined fonts. I don't know how you got around the large dates in the message inbox or huge phone numbers in phone book with all the customization, but good work! I can set my font back to 7 now and have it look uniform. The address book look like it still has bigger fonts, but no biggie.

    A+++ theme!
    04-20-10 10:47 PM
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    Thanks for buying it and the feedback

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    04-20-10 10:51 PM