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    * Updated to Version 2.4 * (Foppa style clock button, cleaned up svg)
    * Updated to Version 2.2 * (Centered Time/Date & Hotkeys for SMS/MMS and Compose)
    * Updated to Version 2.0 * (darker app screen, lockscreen fixed, small details)

    Clear H20 is a minimal theme developed in the spirit of the best minimals you've seen on crackberry ( DC1/DC2 , Classique , Reverie D , PureY , BIG NUMBERS , FIVE point NINE , and so many more). Clear H20 is a free theme because I have received so much information and knowledge from the CB community I need to pay it forward. I was inspired by the developers of the great themes out there and without their tutorials and motivation this would not have happened. Please read the thank you section and look at the work of all listed there as their work continues to inspire new work from others which helps build this community.

    This is my first major theme, so please enjoy and let me know if you find any issues. I could build custom versions or add features (with some motivation) and will do my best to address any bugs or issues you find as well as update and refine this as needed. Please give me open and honest feedback regarding this and do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for viewing and for all you've done CRACKBERRY.com community. And yes I WILL BE UPDATING WITH AN 85xx VERSION SOOON


    * User defined 15 icon scrolling bar on the bottom (only one icon visible)(scroll left or right)
    * Hidden calendar and messages today section with selectable entries
    * Toggle slot on top right of screen (user defined....16th slot)
    * Toggle top/bottom banner transparency background bars
    * App Hotkeys for Quicklaunch, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare (v2.2 hotkeys for SMS/MMS and compose)
    * Hand crafted transparent menus and buttons
    * Foppa style button on clock that is clickable
    * Wallpaper friendly design (user selectable) with plenty of accessible functions
    * OS 6.0 icons used ----- see thank you section
    * Hand crafted custom battery and cell signal indicators with numbers for easy identification
    * Amazing screens derived from amazing photography ------ see thank you section
    * Transitions that are smooth
    * Customized call screen buttons and a custom hourglass

    Toggle HotKeys

    Spacebar = Quicklaunch
    F = Facebook
    T = Twitter
    S = FourSquare
    $ = SMS/MMS
    C = Compose Message
    Alt-Q (#) = toggle top/bottom transparent homescreen bars off
    Alt-A (*) = toggle top/bottom transparent homescreen bars on
    Alt-O (+) = toggle user defined slot on (16th slot in application screen)
    Alt-P (@) = toggle user defined slot off (16th slot in application screen)

    Theme Notes

    15 user defined sliding icons - slide left or right from bottom of screen
    Calendar/Messages Today section appears if one of the 15 icons used are related to this function. When it appears just scroll down to select the entry you wish to highlight
    The 16th slot when toggled on is accessed by sliding right from the profiles icon
    Please as with any new theme.....perform a battery pull after downloading it


    Thank you Joshua Street for this photography that set the theme off. See his amazing work @ Blog Josh.st Blog Josh.st
    Thank you Big Papa from BBThemeLab.com. Your OS6 icons are amazing and made this theme look clean. Icon set used: OS6 Icons which was created by Big Papa from Blackberry Theme Lab (www.bbthemelab.com). See his work @ Big Papa | Blackberry Theme Lab Big Papa | Blackberry Theme Lab
    Thank you Matt G. from BBThemeLab.com. Your tutorials are filled with knowledge and allow amateur theme makers to design further than Theme Builder's template. Please check out his tutorials @ MattG | Blackberry Theme Lab MattG | Blackberry Theme Lab
    Thank you Crackberry.com for maintaining the best website out there. Without your forums where designers can share ideas, this would never have happened. See the developer's forum @ http://forums.crackberry.com/f115/ http://forums.crackberry.com/f115/
    Thank you CB community. You inspire and motivate all of us. Please give me feedback on this project and look forward to new themes to come. Thank you



    If you enjoy this and want to help a single father out, please donate so I can add to my son's college fund. Anything donated goes directly to him. This isn't a ploy or a rouse, I just am doing everything I can on a meager salary. If you do not donate I still hope you enjoy this and give back to our CB community. Thank you

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    This theme is really what I've been looking for. Great job!
    My only problem is that I can only scroll to 8 icons, then it stops.
    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-27-10 06:11 PM
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    You can scroll left or right. the first icon is the middle icon. the next 7 icons scroll to the right and the last 7 icons scroll to the left
    07-28-10 12:55 AM
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    Thanks for the great shout outs.

    Although I do not need the theme (because I make my own) I sent you a donation anyway.

    bbthemelab gives back!

    Thanks again.

    07-28-10 02:34 AM
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    Thanks so much Matt. You seriously are the reason I stopped being basic and started to try to think out of the box. You made the impossible possible with your tutorials and I appreciate it all. Totally awesome work coming from bbthemelab. Everyone should check that site out RIGHT NOW
    07-28-10 04:51 AM
  6. shangrila9505's Avatar
    Sweet theme but the $ key does not bring up SMS/MMS. Can it be fixed or am I doing something wrong? All of the other shortcut keys work.
    07-28-10 08:50 PM
  7. alphakoi's Avatar
    PM me and we can try to troubleshoot the issue. thanks
    07-30-10 10:15 AM
  8. ria__x's Avatar
    love this theme!!
    01-29-11 06:55 PM