1. Hawaii Built's Avatar
    I'd like to share a free theme I downloaded a while ago with a friend - I believe it's the BB Urban User theme. I searched for it, but can't find it anymore. Is there a way I can e-mail the theme or use bb messanger to send it to my friend's phone?

    Thanks in advance!
    07-02-10 03:47 PM
  2. xolanir's Avatar
    Since it is installed onto your device, you can't email the .cod file cos it's embedded into the device. There are two ways you could get the .cod though from the phone. 1. You could use a COD extractor to read and extract the cod file from the device and save it to somewhere you can find on your computer. Once extracted then your friend would then install it onto their device with BBSAK 1.7. Option 2, is to use BBSAK to back-up all your 3rd-party apps. Once backed up, you then locate the app back-up folder and delete all the other apps within the back-up folder except the theme .cod and then use BBSAK to load/install the .cod from the back-up folder. Hope this made sense and it helps. If there's an easier way, hopefully someone can point that out.

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    07-02-10 09:02 PM